Are you drinking the brew to increase immunity? These can be side effects

new Delhi: Coronavirus Pay attention if you are drinking the decoction to increase immunity during the period. The benefits of drinking brew have side effects as well. If you are not drinking the decoction in the right quantity or according to the effect, then diseases like bleeding from the nose, blisters, burning sensation in the stomach, irritation in urine can cause diseases.

In some states, the Trikuta decoction (dry ginger + black pepper + lady peepal) is being distributed free and some people are making the decoction by adding panchkol or more medicine. But keep in mind about the information about decoction, people are drinking an unlimited amount of decoction. The result of which is coming as side effects.

Dr Tanuja Nesari, director of the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), says that drinking hot brewers can cause diseases like bleeding in the nose, burning urine, burning sensation in the stomach. That is why use the decoction given by the Ministry of AYUSH because it has been made keeping in mind a certain quantity. Keep the right amount in mind while preparing the decoction. If the decoction is to cool, reduce the dry ginger, black pepper and add cardamom, gilloy, liquorice. In the same way, if you are drinking thrikut decoction, then take only a pinch. Add liquorice, giloy, dry grapes and cool the decoction of the decoction. This will not cause problems.

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At the same time, Ayurveda and former Chief Medical Officer Delhi Hospital Doctor DM Tripathi says that we are having people who have problems after drinking decoction. People who have gall bladder may have problems with drinking decoction. In this case, the concentration of decoction should be kept low and the quantity should also be reduced. Also, decoction should be boiled for a short time. Due to increase in bile there is a problem of blisters or burning sensation, therefore, Giloy, liquorice can be added in decoction containing bile effusion.

If you drink a little too much with the nature of Kapha, then it does not matter because this Thrikutha medicine erases Kapha. But people with vata and bile should take care.

A person should not take more than 5 grams of Trikuta decoction. When making the decoction, take one-fourth of the water in the pot, when it remains after boiling, you can drink it. If you still have problems, then take the decoction in small quantities. If someone has blisters, chew betel leaves, eat big cardamom and can also drink buttermilk.

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Experts believe that some people are making a decoction in the house by adding Panchkol decoction or 9 types of herbs while they may not need it. That is why according to Taseer one can drink the decoction according to the temperature of the season. As soon as the fight against Corona started, the Ministry of AYUSH also talked about drinking brew but it has also said that it is not a medicine but as a preventive and can drink at will. Although the brew drinkers are also telling its good effects. But those who are not taking care of the quantity of decoction and how many times to take it, they are having problems.