This Indian company made Corona's medicine, government approved

new Delhi: India's leading pharmaceutical company Cipla Ltd has offered the generic version 'cipremi' of Remadecivir, which the US drug regulator USFDA has Coronavirus Approval has been given to the patients in case of emergency.

The USFDA has given Gilead Sciences an Emergency Use Approval (EUA) for the emergency use of Remadecivir to treat Kovid-19 patients.

Remadecivir is the only drug the USFDA has approved for emergency use for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.

Gilead Sciences in May signed a non-exclusive license agreement with Cipla for the manufacture and marketing of Remedisvir.

Cipla said that he has received limited permission from the Controller General of India (DCGI) to use this medicine in an emergency.

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The company said in a statement, “Under the risk management plan, Cipla will train the use of the drug and will check the documents of the patient's consent and complete monitoring after marketing, as well as conduct a fourth phase medical examination on Indian patients. '

The company said that this drug will be supplied through the government and the open market.

Cipla Ltd Managing Director Global CEO Umang Vohra said, “Cipla appreciates the strong partnership with Gilead for the treatment of patients in India.” We have invested a lot in search of all possible ways to save the lives of millions affected by the Kovid-19 pandemic and this offer is an important step in that direction. '

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