Former Miss World Manushi Chillar told how yoga changed her life

new Delhi: Manushi Chillar, who won the Miss World title in the year 2017, said on the International Yoga Day that I am proud of the fact that yoga owes India to the world. And today crores of people are getting benefit from it. Manushi is going to make a film with Prithviraj soon with Akshay Kumar. Manushi said that yoga has made me physically and mentally strong.

Manushi said that yoga has many benefits. Yoga has benefited the health of the people in many ways. In a way, it is like a refuge for people. I would ask everyone to include yoga in their routine and learn about its benefits. Manushi once again got India the title after 17 years after Priyanka Chopra winning the Miss World Title.

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Manushi gives credit for her beautiful body. She says yoga has been a part of my life since school days. I feel that the benefits that yoga has given me physically, have brought me more mentally. I have become more conscious and aware. Yoga has made me mentally strong. This helps me maintain flexibility throughout the day.

The actress also said that her sense of focus has also increased with yoga. Manushi said, Yoga has taught me patience, and also taught how to remove unnecessary things from your mind. My attitude towards life has also changed due to yoga. My focus has improved and helped, which helps me make better decisions for my life.