By doing 'shavasan' you can keep yourself relaxed, know how to do

In today's busy life, it is very difficult to keep yourself away from stress. But if you do embalming regularly, then you can keep yourself relaxed and fresh, so today we are going to tell you about the benefits and ways of doing embalming.

'Shavasan', also known as Corpus pose. This asana helps to keep you away from stress. It is very difficult to keep yourself away from stress in today's busy life, but you can keep yourself relaxed and refreshed if you breathe in regularly. Physical and mental stress is a very common problem after working all day.

Shavasana involves your physical comfort first. As you become comfortable in doing this asana, first of all, it starts to relax your muscles, due to which it starts giving your body a complete rest. After this, you start coming back to your contact lost in the outside world, so today we are going to tell you about the advantages and ways of doing Shavasana.

Should not leave the funeral

This can worsen you physically and mentally by leaving the shavasana done. This is because with this you start stress-free along with focusing and refreshing yourself. Quitting this also affects your thinking power, ability to concentrate, relieve stress and physically relax yourself. According to experts, it is very easy, so that you remain physically and mentally healthy.Benefits of breathing

It gives you physical and mental peace.
Shavasana keeps you relaxed.
It relieves headache, fatigue and insomnia problems.
It is always helpful in controlling blood pressure.
It increases your memory as well as concentrates.

How to do a funeral

For this, you should spread the mats in a clean place and lie in the middle of the mats. For this, keep in mind that your back is very straight and both your shoulders are on the ground. Then, open both your hands and fingers completely, keep them in the comfortable side and keep your face upwards. Now close your eyes and breathe slowly and try to feel each breath. With this, when you breathe in and out, your chest should also open completely. During this asana, you try to give yourself complete rest.

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