Coronavirus: India has prepared the cheapest ventilator, know how much is the price

Rishikesh: A good news has come in the whole country amidst the demand for Swadeshi Apnao. India has prepared the cheapest ventiilator to fight the coronavirus. Among the growing corona virus patients in the country, IIT Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) and AIIMS Rishikesh (AIIMS Rishikesh) have shown the ability to produce very cheap ventilators. The team of engineers and doctors have prepared a full indigenous ventilator 'Pranavayu'.

Price very low
Giving information, Director of AIIMS Rishikesh said that the said ventilator was technically developed about two and a half months ago. The complete indigenous ventilator 'Pranavayu' has been found successful in AIIMS Rishikesh test. AIIMS director further informed that the cost of this ventilator will be between 25-30 thousand rupees only.

Complete indigenous is new ventilator
Another official associated with this project said that the complete indigenous ventilator 'Pranavayu' has been prepared under Make in India. All the parts and technology of this ventilator are also indigenous. This ventilator 'Pranavayu', developed under the joint aegis of IIT Roorkee and AIIMS Rishikesh, was being tested in AIIMS Rishikesh ever since and this ventilator has been found to be completely successful in all types of medical tests.

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It is noteworthy that the new ventilator has been prepared at a time when the cases of corona virus in India are increasing continuously. So far, 4.56 lakh people have been infected due to Corona virus in the country. Of these, 14,476 people have died. So far, about 2.58 lakh people have been cured.

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