New medicine being used to treat corona, but doctors are afraid of this

new Delhi: Whether it is Ayurvedic medicine or allopathy, no medicine can still be called the conditional treatment of coronavirus. It is also being claimed that Baba Ramdev's Patanjali's medicine can cure corona. But this condition cannot be called.

Everyone knows that there are immunity enhancing elements in Ayurveda. Many patients are also recovering at home without medication. In India, the challenge is serious patients, who are still struggling to save and are looking for that medicine, which should work on them.

Now the name of a new drug has come out which will be given to the patients. However, doctors have also cautioned by saying that game changer medicine is still awaited.

Recently a pharmaceutical company got approval to use a new drug Favipiravir for the treatment of corona. This news went viral and people went to the chemist and started searching for this medicine.
The team of Zee News started investigating how the drugs that are being introduced in the market one by one, claiming strong treatment in Corona, have real potential. It is very important for the viewers of Zee News to know whether there has been any miracle in the treatment of Corona.

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Like the rest of the world, India is suffering from the havoc of Corona, when the deadly virus will go from the world, when any miraculous medicine to cure it will be found and when it will be free to breathe under the shadow of danger all the time.

This fear made India a market for Corona drugs. One after another, those medicines present in the world are being launched in the market of India, which are being used for corona in any other country of the world.

There is a new name in this list – favipiravir. This drug is being used in Japan since 2014 to treat viral infections. Now in India, Glenmark has obtained approval to manufacture and sell this medicine. The company claims that this drug reduces the viral load significantly in 4 days of use i.e. the virus becomes weak. In India, this drug has now reached hospitals and is also being given to patients.

Favipiravir is being found in India under the name of Fabiflu. The price of one tablet i.e. tablet is Rs. 103. The cost of medicine in 15 days treatment is about 14 to 15 thousand.

In the same list, the name of the American drug Remedicivir has been added recently. In India, Cipla and Hetero Labs have now got approval to build it. This medicine is given to the patient in the form of an injection. In 2014, this drug, made for the treatment of Ebola virus, has been kept in reserve as an emergency use.

In India, many other medicines are being given to patients of Corona, including hydroxychloroquine and ivermactine. Both these drugs are inexpensive and are easily available in India. In such a situation, health experts believe that none of the new drugs being launched in the market is a Wonder Drug and no medicine has shown any miraculous results anywhere in the world. As far as research results are concerned, there is some research in favor of every medicine. In such a situation, until there is no vaccine to protect it from corona, all medicines are being tested. And India needs to avoid becoming a market for pharmaceutical companies.

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