Celery and ginger are a boon for arthritis patients, use this way

new Delhi: Be alert if there is pain and swelling in your body, knee, hip, shoulder or the whole body without any particular reason (pain), you may be in the grip of gout. Arthritis is a very common problem that can come in many forms in front of you. Sometimes the discomfort increases so much that you may have difficulty in walking. The main cause of arthritis is increased uric acid in the body. Uric acid particles gradually accumulate on the joints and then cause swelling and pain.

This uric acid is formed inside the body due to the breakdown of purine. Arthritis can occur for both men and women. There are many types of medicines in the market for arthritis, but it is possible to treat it with physical labor and some home remedies. The use of Ginger and Carom Seeds is very beneficial for arthritis patients. Let us tell you the benefits of using it and what are the benefits (Ginger and Carom Seeds).

Take one and a half cups of water in a pan and add half a teaspoon of celery and one inch piece of ginger to it or cut it. Boil it for 6-7 minutes so that the extracts of ginger and celery get into the water. After this, filter and drink this decoction.
-You can boil ginger and celery decoction or tea in the same way 2 times a day. This will make your body sweat and your uric acid will naturally decrease.

Massage with castor oil
If you drink ginger and celery decoction in the same manner as mentioned above, as well as lukewarm massage with castor oil on the place of pain, then your uric acid will break out. Apart from this, massaging with castor oil will reduce your pain and the swelling will disappear.

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Garlic is very beneficial
Garlic is the most well-known and beneficial treatment in arthritis. Taking it daily provides relief in arthritis. Normally, taking three to four buds of raw garlic on an empty stomach in the morning is comfortable. By the way, if it does not like to eat, then take 2 to 2 grams of rock salt, cumin, asafetida, peepal, black pepper and dry ginger all together and grind it well. Fry this paste in castor oil and fill it in the bottle. Apply on pain, it will benefit.

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