Use celery with curd, then see what happens 'miracle'

new Delhi: Celery (Ajwain) placed in the kitchen of the house can be effective in relieving many health problems. There are such beneficial ingredients in small seeds of celery, from which you are still unaware. In case of indigestion, it is often instructed to eat celery with hot water and salt. Not only this, celery is a sure medicine to get rid of cold and cold, runny nose and cold. It contains plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, which not only relieve the phlegm in the chest but also give relief in cold and sinus. Let us know some of its benefits (Ajwain).

Winter is sore due to the effect of heat. To get rid of it, boil plum leaves and celery in water, then filter the water and gargle with it, it benefits.
– If you have a minor headache, boil one spoon of parsley in half a liter of water. Keep the water filtered and taking two to three times a day will be beneficial.
Put parsley in mustard oil and heat it well. This helps to relieve joint pain after massaging the joints.
– On the injury of blue-red stains on tying, the pain and swelling is reduced by tying the poultice of parsley and turmeric on the injury.

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When the smell comes from the mouth, boil a little parsley in water, then rinse with this water twice or thrice a day, the foul smell ends in two to three days.
– Today, you get relief in arthritis. Baking in the knees by making a bundle of celery churan is beneficial. Mixing half a cup of celery juice and dry ginger also cures arthritis.
If you have acne on your face, then grind a little celery with curd and apply this paste on the face. When the coating is dry, clean it with warm water. Acne will disappear in a few days.
If the gums are swollen, then adding a few drops of celery oil in lukewarm water, it will give relief. Apart from this, roast the celery and grind it into a powder. Brushing this helps to relieve pain and swelling of the gums.

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)

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