Diseases have to be kept away, so mix these in curd and consume these things.

new Delhi: Yogurt is used in every household. But do you know that there are many types of nutritious elements present in curd (curd), which benefits the body by eating. Yogurt is found in calcium, protien, vitamin. Yogurt is more beneficial for health than milk. By the way, people like to eat sugar or salt mixed in it. But eating some other things mixed with it gives relief from many diseases. So let us tell you today that for which problem yogurt should be mixed with yogurt (benefits of curd).

Sugar and Dry Fruits
Skinny people should eat sugar and dry fruits in 1 bowl of yogurt every day to get the right weight. It helps to overcome fatigue and weakness with increasing weight.

People who have to face difficulties in getting good and deep sleep. They should be mixed by mixing 1/2 tsp fennel in 1 bowl of curd. Along with getting good sleep, it also provides relief from gas and burning problems.

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Roasted Cumin and Black Salt
If you have digestive problems, you should eat black salt and 2-3 pinches of roasted cumin seeds in a bowl of curd. This will help to increase appetite as well as strengthen digestion.

Many nutrients are found in bananas such as vitamins, calcium, iron etc. In such a situation, if you have stomach related problems, eating it mixed with curd gives relief. Also, blood pressure also remains under control.

If someone has lost a loose motion, then eating yogurt is very beneficial. It reduces cholesterol by keeping the stomach correct. 4

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)

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