These symptoms indicate that there is lack of water in your body

new Delhi: Despite knowing how important water is for our body, many people do not drink enough water. Not drinking the required amount of water has a negative effect on our health and many types of health related problems start. We are telling you some such signs, which indicate that your body is not getting the required amount of water. So that you can improve this habit with time.

– When there is a lack of water in the body, the mouth starts drying up. If the mouth dries repeatedly, then understand that there is a shortage of water in the body. In such a situation, water should be drunk immediately.
– Drinking less water reduces sweating and does not remove toxins from the body. Due to lack of water in the body, the skin becomes dry and dry and there is a risk of many skin related diseases.

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Lack of water not only affects the mouth and throat, but also has an effect on the eyes. Eyes become dry and red.
Lack of water in the body means a decrease in muscle mass in the body. Drinking water before, between and after a workout keeps the body hydrated and the use of water is the right place.
– When there is a shortage of water in the body, urine becomes thick yellow. With this the quantity is less than normal and after urination, there may be a problem of burning or itching in the private part.
-If there is a shortage of water in the body, then the body starts taking water from the blood. This causes lack of oxygen in the blood and increases the level of carbon dioxide due to which you start feeling tired and lethargic.

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)

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