Use these 3 things to cleanse your kidneys, beneficial for immunity too

new Delhi: Kidney filters salt from our blood and bacteria in the body. But when salt accumulates in the kidney, then treatment is needed. Toxins accumulate in the kidneys and stones etc. can cause problems, so cleaning it is important from time to time. Poisonous substances deposited in the kidneys can cause death in human beings by obstructing blood purification. If you include three good things in the diet with caution in eating, then the kidneys can be cleaned easily. You can use these things in any form of cooking or drink (home remedies for kidney detoxify).

green coriander
Usually, coriander (green coriander) is used in every kitchen to increase the flavor of food. But do you know that the properties of detoxification present in coriander are helpful in removing waste and toxic substances from the body. You can use it in dinner diet or juice.

Cumin used for sprinkling or tempering in lentils etc. is also very beneficial in cleaning the kidneys. A detoxify drink can be prepared at home by mixing cumin and coriander with 4-5 slides of lemon. This drink is very effective for quick kidney cleaning.

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Corn hair
Often you have seen people eating grains of corn. But do you know that the golden colored fibers seen on corn seeds can detoxify your kidneys. Along with detoxifying the kidneys and bladder, it is also effective in regulating blood sugar and boosting immunity.

Use of corn hair
Boil two glasses of water thoroughly to make a drink of corn hair. After this, put a bowl of corn hair in water and boil it on a low flame. Squeeze two sliced ​​parts of lemon in this water and boil it till the water remains a glass. By drinking this drink daily in the morning and evening, soon you will start seeing benefits. This drink is also beneficial for people who have stones complaints.

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)

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