Eat Makhane during fasting during Navratri, energy will remain throughout the day

new Delhi: If you are keeping navratri fast during Navratri, then take such things that can give you the benefits of health as well as energy. Makhana (fox nuts) is also such a dry fruit taken in fast, which can give you many benefits of health. In fasting, this diet is light and digestive, which will also control your hunger and will definitely give you energy. Irritability and tension sometimes occur during the fast. In such a situation, it helps in reducing stress and keeps the mind and brain calm.

-If you are having trouble sleeping during the fast, Makhana will be beneficial for you. Take it with milk before sleeping at night and get restful sleep.

-If you are a diabetic patient, then makhana during fasting can prove to be the best food for you. This helps in sugar control.


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Learn other benefits related to health-

Relief from high blood pressure problem
Those who have a problem of high blood pressure should consume Makhan regularly. This will not only keep their blood pressure balanced but will also protect them from the risk of high blood pressure. Actually, magnesium is found in the house. It is a mineral that proves to be helpful in keeping the blood pressure of the body balanced.

Strengthen bones
Elderly people can consume Makhana twice a day. This is being said because sufficient amount of calcium is found in it. This will prove to be very helpful in protecting bones from weakening with increasing age. While people of other age groups can also eat it as a beneficial food for strengthening bones.

For diabetes patients
People struggling with diabetes can also consume Makhane. According to Makhan, there is a low glycemic index. This is a quality that actively helps to reduce the risk of diabetes. Therefore, if someone in your home is suffering from diabetes, then it can be advised to take Makhana.

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)