COVID is affecting not only the lungs but also the brain?

London: Virus can also have an effect on the brains of people recovering from COVID-19. Not only this, in the worst case of infection, mental decline can happen so that people can go back till the age of 10 years. A study conducted by Imperial College London doctor Adam Hampshire on more than 84 thousand people found that in some severe cases, cognitive deficits occurred for months due to corona virus infection. Cognitive deficits This means that the ability to know, reason and remember is lacking.

The researchers wrote in their findings, ‘Our analysis suggests that COVID-19 has chronic cognitive consequences. Even after the symptoms of corona, the abilities of the brain were not the same as before, but they had decreased.

Study done like this
Cognitive tests measure how well the brain functions – such as memorizing words or adding dots, etc. Similar tests are done to assess the performance of the brain in diseases like Alzheimer’s.

The Hampshire team also analyzed the results of such tests of 84,285 people, and it was found that this ability of the people was significantly affected. Among those who were hospitalized with COVID-19, the worst cases saw an average 10-year decline in cognitive ability in people aged 20 to 70 years.

Scientists were not directly involved in this study, so its results should be viewed with some caution.

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These questions arose
Joanna Wardlaw, a professor of applied neuroimaging at the University of Edinburgh, said, ‘Because the people who studied them did not know the cognitive ability before the covid was infected and the results are not able to show long-term effects, this effect May be short-lived. ‘

At the same time, Derek Hill, a professor of medical imaging science at University College London, said that these findings may not be completely reliable, as they do not compare before and after conditions.

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