Summer or winter, weather does not play a role in corona outbreak

Houston: A study led by an Indian-American researcher has claimed that temperature or humidity have no effective role in the spread of the corona virus. A paper published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health indicates that the spread of corona virus infection from one person to another depends entirely on human behavior, not summer or winter.

Researcher’s new revelation about Corona

Researchers underlined that the weather only affects the environment in which the corona virus lives before infecting a new person. The study said that the weather, however, also affects human behavior due to which the virus infects from one person to another. Professor Dev Niyogi led the study at Texas University in Austin, USA. He said, ‘The effect of weather is less and other aspects like movement of people etc. are more effective in spreading infection. If we look at various factors regarding the spread of infection, the season is the last.

Air temperature study on

The study defined weather as equivalent to ‘air temperature’, which is the combined value of temperature and humidity. Scientists then analyzed the spread of the corona virus from March to July 2020 on various grounds (states and counties), countries, regions and world levels on this basis. Researchers at the county and state levels also investigated the correlation of corona virus prevalence and human behavior by estimating movement based on mobile phone data. After analyzing and estimating potential errors on these parameters, scientists found that the effect of weather in the spread of Kovid-19 is almost negligible.

Weather’s importance less than 3%

According to the researchers, the importance of weather in the spread of infection is less than three percent and there is no indication of any particular weather in which corona virus spreads rapidly. Researchers found that human behavior, in contrast, has the greatest effect on the spread of infection. He said that the role of traveling and staying out of the house is important in the spread of corona virus. According to the data, both factors contribute 34 and 26 percent respectively in the spread of the disease. Researchers underlined that two more factors are important in the spread of infection … population and urban congestion (population density), which contribute 23 and 13 percent respectively.

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