These home remedies will help you to reduce molar pain, know the age of wisdom molar

new Delhi: If your wisdom teeth have come, then you have felt pain. This molar comes at the end of the gums. Most people have wisdom wisdom between 17 and 25 years. At the same time, some people come to wisdom after several days. If you have not had a wisdom tooth yet, then tell that there is a lot of pain during the wisdom tooth. When the wisdom molar comes, they cannot find the whole place. In this case, they push other teeth to make room for themselves. Because of this, there is pressure in the gums and due to this, there are complaints of pain and swelling in the gums. Let us know in detail about the wisdom tooth through this article.

Signs of wisdom molar
Complaints of swelling around face, gums and neck
Bad taste in mouth
Severe toothache
Trouble eating and drinking
Bad mouth
Sometimes fever can also come.

Due to pain
There can be many reasons for the pain during the wisdom molar. The other teeth of the mouth are crooked too much pain. Due to this, the wisdom tooth cannot get a place. In this case, they push other teeth to make their place. Due to this, there is pain in the teeth.

Apart from this, the wisdom molar is quite behind, due to which the wisdom around the molar is not well cleaned. Infection also spreads around the teeth due to lack of cleaning. Due to this infection, there is unbearable pain around the teeth. Due to the development of cysts, the chances of pain in the wisdom teeth increases significantly. Due to any other problems in the gums, you may also have pain in your wisdom teeth.

Home remedies to reduce pain

If there is any kind of pain in teeth, cloves are used the most. Cloves are also used for wisdom teeth. Cloves have anesthetic and analgesite properties, which help relieve toothache. Apart from this, cloves also have anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties, which can help you to prevent the spread of infection.

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Garlic is beneficial for the health as well as to relieve the pain of wisdom molar. Garlic has many medicinal properties such as Anti biotic, Antioxidant and Anti efflometry, which is beneficial for us. You can also clean the bacteria that grow in the mouth with the use of Lashun.

If you rinse with salt water, it quickly relieves pain. Salt water can help in reducing the pain and swelling of the gums. The risk of infection can also be reduced with its use. It is also good for your throat

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(Note: Doctors consult before taking any measures)

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