Can be prevented by dark chocolate, green tea and grapes Covid-19

New Delhi People all over the world are facing the corona virus these days. Everyone to win this war Kovid-19 Vaccine Awaiting However, in the meantime, a new research has said that those who want to stay safe from this deadly virus can avoid it by adopting some home remedies. Yes, for this you don’t have to do much, just increase the intake of 3-4 things in your diet. Actually, a recent research has revealed that green tea, dark chocolate and grapes can protect Kovid-19 infection.

Kovid-19 is transmitted by the MPro enzyme
Researchers say that green tea, grapes and dark chocolate Chemical compound The corona can block the main protein (MPro) of the enzyme that causes the novel corona virus to spread. Scientists reported that Corona virus Protease spreads the infection from one body to another with the help of enzymes. If this enzyme is stopped then the corona in the body can be prevented from increasing its number. This type of enzyme is found in grape green tea and chocolate. American scientists have claimed this in their research.

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Phytonutrients have to prevent Kovid-19
Researcher D-Yu Xi of North Carolina State University, USA, who does research, says that during this time he has found in research that dark chocolate and green can prove to be effective in preventing the Kovid-19 virus. is. They reported that research has shown that certain foods and beverages such as dark chocolate, green tea and grapes contain chemical compounds rich in phytonutrients that can inhibit the function of protease, the main enzyme in the virus. The phytonutrients present in dark chocolate and green can prevent the virus from being transferred from one human to another.

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In research, the effect of different types of chemical found in plants on the enzyme MPro of the corona was observed. Researchers claim that the corona increases its number with the MPro enzyme and then translocates to another body as well. However, green tea, grapes and dark chocolate can prevent this epidemic.

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