Muscle Gain: If you want to increase muscle fast, then include these things in the diet

new Delhi: If you want to make your muscles (Muscle Gain), then you should do Excercise to strengthen the muscles. You can make your own muscular muscles by exercising daily. But to make muscles, just exercising is not enough, it is also necessary to change your diet.

Your food has a great effect on the muscles. So let’s know All day diet What should you eat so that the body gets the right amount of nutrition and strength.


To stay fresh throughout the day, we must have breakfast in the morning. If we have breakfast in the morning properly, then we feel fresh all day. In the morning breakfast, you can eat 1 bowl of sprouts and 1 teaspoon of soaked peanuts. This is very beneficial for your health.

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You can have 1 bowl of yogurt, 100 grams of cottage cheese and 1 bowl of veg quinoa at lunch. If you want, you can eat 1 bowl of lentils and 1 roti or 1 bowl of vegetable and 1 roti. This will give you good muscles. This lunch will also keep you fit. After that you can eat fruits around 3 in the afternoon.

Evening snack time

Around 5 o’clock in the evening you can eat toast, then around 7 in the evening, you can have lentils or mushroom soup. It feels right in food and is also good from a health perspective.


At around 7 pm, you have a perfectly good diet in dinner. If you like to eat roti then you can have a vegetable with 2 rotis. After that, take 1 teaspoon moringa powder, 1 ashwagandha capsule and 5 soaked almonds in water before going to bed at night. This will make you sleep well. Also, the amount of protein (protein) the body needs, you will also get it in plenty.

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