Constipation Remedies: Young children are also troubled by constipation, know its symptoms, causes and preventive measures.

new Delhi: Constipation is such a problem that almost every other person suffers. Today’s wrong food and drink Many diseases have become very common due to this. But the suffering of these diseases is known to those who are struggling with them. Constipation is one such dangerous disease. Often, people feel that constipation occurs only to adults, but it is not so. Constipation problem also occurs in children.

Adult people identify and treat the symptoms of constipation. But children do not recognize them and are troubled by its problem. Know the symptoms, causes and ways of constipation in children (Constipation Remedies).

Know the problem of constipation
To get to the root of any disease, it is very important to know it. When the intestines of children take more time to digest the fluids, then the stool becomes dry and hardened. In such a situation, children have a lot of difficulty in bowel movement. Constipation is the problem caused by stools and reduced stools. It can happen to any child anytime.

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Symptoms of constipation
There are many symptoms of constipation in children, but the most important symptom is hardness in the stool, hard and hard bowel movement, abdominal pain while passing stools, persisting gas, abdominal pain, indigestion. , Weakness, headache, heavy stomach etc. If your child has these symptoms, it should be treated immediately.

Due to constipation
It is also important to know the cause of constipation so that you can save your child from them. Children have this problem when they are suffering from some other disease or their food and drink stops. This problem can also occur when the children are fed the above milk along with breastfeeding. Apart from this, when children are fed dry grain with milk or many other things made of dairy, they also have constipation problem.

If your child consumes intoxicants like smoking, alcohol etc. or there is a lack of water in the child’s body, then he may have constipation problem. Children also have constipation problem due to side effects of some medicines.

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Know preventive measures
After the cause and symptoms of constipation, now also know how to overcome constipation of children. To prevent constipation, you should give two teaspoons of honey to your children in a glass of lukewarm water every morning. Constipation is overcome by its regular intake.

Apart from this, one can drink 1-2 spoon of honey and sugar in a glass of milk. Boil some figs and pour it in a glass of milk and give it to the child before bedtime, it will also give relief in constipation. Mixing half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk and drinking it also removes constipation problem of children.

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