Covid-19 may give paralysis attack to children, surprising study revealed

new Delhi: Symptoms of other diseases are now appearing in patients who have been cured of Corona virus (Covid-19). Mucoramycosis in patients recovering from corona before this (Mucormycosis) As it was seen fungal infection and now cases of paralysis are coming out in children.

Research done on 98 children from 8 countries

In a research conducted at the University of Mancester, neurological studies were done on children under 18 years of age. It selected 38 Corona positive children from 8 countries, including 13 from France (France), 5 from America (US), 8 from UK (UK), 4 from Brazil (Brazil), 4 from Argentina (Argentina), India ( 2 children from India) and 1-1 children from Peru and Saudi Arabia were selected for research.

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Most children do not show signs of corona

The corona was among 8 children participating in this research, published in the Lancet Child and Adolescent Journal.Covid-19) No symptoms of cough, colds were seen. Apart from this, 4 children died due to corona due to lack of immunity due to any other infection.

2 children died of paralysis attack

During research, it was revealed that 2 out of 38 children died due to paralysis attack. In these children, the corona infection had reached the renal bone. This led to renal bone swelling and paralysis to children. (Paralysis)Attacked Research co-author Professor Stavros Stivaros says that paralysis (Paralysis) Cases of children are less, but it is very important to understand that corona in all these children (Covid-19) No symptoms were seen.

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