Research: If you want to be healthy then laugh openly because this has not made good medicine till date

new Delhi: There is a saying, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, a laughter coming on the face is considered a medicine for many cures. Laughing is good for both health and appearance. But in today’s time, people are forgetting to smile openly. Not only the smile keeps the body healthy.

It is important to maintain a smile on any sadness or happiness. A lovely smile on your face not only adds to your personality but also inspires you to do something new. When a smile on your face can do so much work, then think about how many benefits you will get when you laugh openly. Today, we are telling you the benefits of laughing openly, which will improve your health and beauty.

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40 minutes of laughter therapy means less depression
According to research from the Korean Journal of Adult Nursing, people have experienced a decrease in depression after giving 8 sessions of laughter therapy for 40 minutes each twice a week.

15 minutes i.e. 40 calories burned
According to research by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center of America, if you laugh openly for 10 to 15 minutes every day, then 10 to 40 percent of calories are burned.

Benefits like gym in 30 minutes
According to the International Journal of Humor Research, if a person laughs for 30 minutes a day, the benefits of going to the gym will be achieved only by laughing.

Communication of positive energy in the brain

Joking with friends and relatives reduces the burden of your heart and mind, which causes positive energy in the body. Due to the circulation of positive energy, your body stays healthy.

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Blood circulation will improve
Doctors and researchers believe that blood circulation is better in people laughing than other people. Laughing openly pulls the skin of your neck and face correctly, so that blood circulation in the body is better.

Dil bhare fit
Laughter is the exercise of the heart. Blood circulation is better. On laughing, the body releases endorphin chemicals, which make the heart strong. Laughing reduces the chance of heart attack.

Stress beats flying
Laughter has an amazing power to eliminate tension, pain and quarrels etc. Laughter is considered very helpful to eliminate the effects of stress on your mind and body.

Increases body resistance
According to a research by the University of Maryland, blood circulation of open laughers is much better. Laughing and laughing for 10 minutes can give you relief from pain for 2 hours. In addition, the body’s resistance capacity also increases.

Laugh out loud if you want to look young
For those who want to look young, it is an exercise for big work. The 15 facial muscles work together by smiling and laughing. Blood flow towards the face increases due to which the person looks young. Laughter is a medicine that is easily available and can be taken advantage of whenever and however you want. If physical exercise is done along with laughter then the person stays healthy and fit.

Laugh .. openly and openly .. Laugh whenever you get a chance .. Find opportunities to laugh too. Laughter will keep you healthy.

The information given in this report is for educational purposes in relation to certain health conditions and their possible treatment. It is not a substitute for health care, examination, diagnosis and treatment provided by a qualified and licensed doctor.

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