Vitamin C Side Effects: Taking Vitamin C in high amounts can cause many harm to health

new Delhi: In the year 2020, Coronavirus has made people more health conscious. Let me tell you that the most searched word on the internet last year was ‘immunity’. People have become very serious about their health due to fear of global epidemic coronavirus. People started adopting many tips to increase immunity. Till yesterday, people who did not like to eat fruits, now they have started incorporating all the fruits and supplements into the food.

During the Corona period, fruits and supplements containing vitamin C were the most discussed. Experts claim that vitamin C strengthens immunity.

Vitamin C side effects

Experts claim that vitamin C can strengthen immunity, but do you know that excessive intake of vitamin C can prove to be very dangerous for our health? Vitamin C is beneficial for our health, it is equally dangerous. Know, what are the side effects of taking Vitamin C in excessive quantity and what amount should be taken.


Overeating vitamin C pills may cause nausea or nausea. Therefore, it is better to eat vitamin C fruits instead of medicine to increase immunity. The possibility of such a problem with fruits is less.

Abdominal cramp

Excessive intake of Vitamin C can cause stomach cramps or cramps. This can also cause your stomach system to be disturbed. Therefore, do not consume vitamin C rich products.

Vomiting diarrhea

Experts claim that overeating vitamin C pills can cause diarrhea. This can make your stomach upset. Constipation problem may also increase with vomiting and diarrhea. This can also dehydrate your body.

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Heart burn

The most fatal side effects of Vitamin C include the problem of heart burn. In this condition you will feel burning in the lower and upper chest. Therefore, before taking vitamin C, please consult a doctor.

Insomnia or Headache

You may use vitamin C pills to increase immunity, but overeating can cause insomnia and headache problems. This can increase discomfort at bedtime. Also, there can be problem of Anxiety.

How much vitamin C to take

The study says that people should take 65-90 mg of vitamin C per day. Vitamin C taken in excess of 2000 grams a day can prove to be dangerous for your health.

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