Motion Sickness: Why does vomiting come on the way? Know the reason and panacea, will not be disturbed again

new Delhi: Often people complain of nausea and vomiting during the journey in a car or bus (Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness). Many times during the journey you have not only a few hours but also three to four days of dizziness, nervousness, nausea or vomiting, which is called Motion Sickness Symptoms. If you too are afraid to travel just because you vomit during the journey. So now you do not need to panic at all. Because we are telling you. To get rid of the problem of vomiting in travel, follow these 5 measures. This will not make you vomit and you will be able to enjoy your journey to the fullest. So let’s know about these remedies (Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness In Hindi).

Why does the journey come upside down?

Vomiting in a journey is called Motion Sickness Symptoms. Keep in mind that motion sickness is not a disease but it is a condition when our brain receives different signals from the inner ear, eyes and skin. In this, the central nervous system gets confused. But if you walk with some caution, then it is very easy to get rid of motion sickness. During the journey (Motion Sickness Causes) take care of these things-

Avoid these back seats

If you have vomiting problem during the journey, then you should avoid sitting on the back seat of any big vehicle. There is a greater sense of speed on the rear seat. Similarly, you should sit on the front seat in the car.

Do not read the book

Do not read the book if you have vomiting problem during the journey. This gives the wrong message to your brain.

Fresh air

If you are having a lot of trouble, then open the glass of the car window and sit facing outwards. You will feel better by getting fresh air.

Do not travel empty stomach

It is a myth in people that traveling on an empty stomach will not cause vomiting, but it is absolutely wrong. Often people who go on a journey without eating anything have more motion sickness. But this also does not mean that you take a very heavy diet. Take out a light and healthy diet from home.

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Do these steps

If you have Motion Sickness Treatment during the journey, make some easy preparations before leaving home. These simple steps will get you rid of this problem.

Whenever you go on a journey, keep a ripe lemon with you. Whenever you feel like nausea, immediately peel and smell this lemon. This will freshen your mind as well as vomiting will not happen by doing so.

Remedy – 2
Toast cloves and grind them and keep them in a box. Whenever traveling, take it along. If you feel like vomiting, just take it with a pinch of sugar or black salt and keep sucking.

Measure 3
Chewing basil leaves will not cause vomiting. Apart from this, put black salt in a bottle and lemon juice and mint and keep drinking it a little during the journey.

Remedy 4
Cut the lemon, sprinkle black pepper and black salt over it and lick it. This will keep your mind fine and will not cause vomiting.

Remedy – 5
If you are traveling in a bus, then before sitting there, spread a paper and then sit. This will not make you vomit.

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