Thyroid Treatment: Are you also troubled by Thyroid? Trying these measures will provide relief

new Delhi. Thyroid has become very common in women these days. This disease engulfs most women. According to the survey, women are three times more likely to be thyroid than men. Many types of problems for women due to thyroid (Women Health) Seems to be.

Due to thyroid side effects, the weight of women starts increasing rapidly, then some of them suddenly decrease (Thyroid Symptoms). Also, they start having problems related to periods and pregnancy. Victims of thyroid treatment are forced to live life simply by using medicine.

The thyroid is also called Silent Killer because it also becomes the root of many other diseases.

Remove thyroid from Ayurvedic treatment

People who have high anxiety, depression, or who lack iodine are at the highest risk of getting thyroid. Sometimes the side effects of medicines (Medicine Side Effects) or due to someone already having a thyroid at home also increase the risk of getting this disease. Know Ayurvedic Home Remedies, which can provide relief from thyroid.

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1. Thyroid patient should eat one teaspoon of flax powder daily. It gives relief from thyroid.

2. Thyroid is considered a panacea treatment in coriander water. Soak coriander in water in a copper vessel in the evening. In the morning, mash the coriander well and filter it and drink it.

3. Thyroid patients should take 10 grams Amla powder in a spoon of honey on an empty stomach in the morning. Even after two hours of eating at night, eat 10 grams of amla powder in one spoon of honey and eat it. By doing this every day, you will see benefit in 15-20 days.

4. Thyroid patient should take milk and curd daily. These contain vitamins, calcium and minerals, which keeps the thyroid under control.

5. Ginger, garlic, white onion, liquorice and cinnamon should be used more in thyroid patients.

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Thyroid patients should not eat these things

1. Thyroid patients should not consume Soya Products. This increases thyroid problems.

2. The patients of this disease should not eat oily, spicy and high calorie items.

3. Eating sweet increases the thyroid, so do not consume sweet at all.

4. Thyroid patients should not eat broccoli and refined food at all.

5. Thyroid patients should also not eat sea food and red meat.

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