Tea Mistakes: Are you making any mistakes while drinking tea? Know important things

new Delhi: There is more than one tea lover in our country. And why should it not be good? From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, different flavors of tea win the hearts of people. As much as people are fond of tea, it is hardly anything else. Some people consume tea as soon as they wake up in the morning, from bed tea to sleeping at night.

Some people are ready to drink tea all the time. But many times, tea that affects the heart also affects your health. Like everything, there are some rules for drinking tea. If you are fond of drinking tea, then know some such things, which are considered as Tea Mistakes in terms of health.

When can tea be dangerous

From Kahwa in Kashmir to Masala Tea in Central India, tea of ​​different flavors is found throughout the country. There are not as many types of tea in India as there are in any other country. But excessive intake of tea has very bad effect on your body. Tea relaxes your body, but if you drink it more then you may have to suffer from many serious diseases.

Know when your favorite tea becomes an enemy of health.

Do not drink tea on an empty stomach

Some people like to drink Bed Tea or else they have to face trouble during daily activities. It is common for such people to have gas problems in the stomach. One should not drink tea on an empty stomach at all. This habit can push you towards serious diseases. This causes complaints of gas and acidity.

Drink lukewarm water before tea

Drinking tea on an empty stomach also damages the intestines. So whenever consuming tea, eat something light before that or drink a glass of lukewarm water. You will not have gas complaints and health will also be good. There will also be no tea side effects.

Do not drink tea immediately after meals

Tea should not be drunk immediately after meals. Many people consume tea immediately after meals. Due to this, the body is not able to absorb the nutrients present in the food and various types of diseases start in the body. If you are very fond of tea, then keep a gap of 1 hour between your food and tea.

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Do not drink tea while sleeping

If you have a habit of drinking tea while sleeping, then you become alert. This habit can prove to be very harmful. The habit of drinking tea at bedtime can cause Sleeping Problem because the caffeine present in the tea is a sleep antagonist. Do not consume tea at all at bedtime or else its fatal side effects can be seen.

Do not drink more than two cups of tea a day

Drinking tea is beneficial for health, but drinking too much tea can also prove to be harmful for health. Two cups of tea a day does not harm health. So try not to drink more than two teas in a day. This will keep your health right and also increase your appetite. Keep in mind that drinking too much tea causes hunger and sleep problems.

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