Ear Pain Home Remedies: These home remedies to relieve ear pain

new Delhi: By the way, ear pain is a common thing. But often during the winter season, there are more problems of ear pain. The reason for this is that if your ears are open when you are out in the cold outside the house, then due to the cold air in the veins in the ear canal, blood circulation is reduced due to which the pain starts to feel. is. Apart from this, even after having a common cold, the patient starts having problems with ear pain. In addition, ear pain can occur even if there is dirt or any kind of infection in the ear.

Ear pain will disappear

But if you have never had an earache, then let us tell you that like a toothache Ear pain It is also very fast due to which the patient gets upset. In such a situation, instead of using OTC medicine or antibiotics, we are telling you about some very easy remedies and home remedies that you can try and get rid of your ear pain without any side effect. .

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Ear pain tips

1. Olive Oil By the way, there is no scientific evidence that ear pain is cured by applying Olive Oil in the ear. But by heating a few drops of olive oil in the ear, it can help reduce the pain to a great extent. However, before using this recipe in children, please consult the doctor once.

2. Garlic and Oil- Garlic has antibiotics and the ability to rate pain, so garlic can help in relieving ear pain. For this, you have to crush some garlic buds and put them in sesame oil or olive oil and cook for a few minutes. Sieve the oil and put a few drops of lukewarm oil in your ear.

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3. Thirst juice- Onion, like garlic, can also prove beneficial in relieving ear pain. Grind the onion well and when it is about 1 teaspoonful of juice, heat it a little and put 2 to 3 drops of it in the ear. By doing this, you will get relief in ear pain.

4. Chewing Gum- If you have a pain in your ear due to changes in air pressure during a flight trip or even after going to the mountains or to a high place, then chewing gum Can help you Chewing gum reduces ear pressure and reduces pain.

5. Hot or cold fomentation Many people also use ice packs or heating pads to overcome the problem of ear pain. This recipe is considered safe for both children and adults. If you wish, fry once with cold compress and once from warm (Warm Compress). After this, use the one who is getting more rest.

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