Gastric Headache: Frequent headache is a symptom of acidity, ulcers may occur if ignored

new Delhi: Headache is one of the most common diseases. Many people do not even consider headache to be a disease because they feel that this problem occurs to all people at some time and they (headache)Headache) Do not get any treatment. However, there can be many reasons for headache such as some type of stress, allergy, low blood sugar or high blood pressure (high BP) etc. But do you know that acidity (Acidity) May also cause headache. If too much acid starts to form in the stomach, it causes headache.

Gastric headaches may also occur due to indigestion

It is called gastric headache and is caused by indigestion or indigestion. If digestion is not done properly, then gas starts to form in the stomach due to which the pain starts on one side of the head. This headache starts due to the increase of carbon dioxide gas in the body. When our body is not able to digest carbohydrates and sugar properly, then the stomach gas (Stomach Gas) starts to form and this is the reason why gastric head aches.

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The risk of ulcer is high if you have frequent headaches

Many research has also revealed that people who have frequent headache problems are more prone to stomach and digestive diseases. There can also be serious illnesses like stomach ulcers (stomach ulcers) or peptic ulcers. According to research, people who regularly suffer from diarrhea, constipation, nausea or acid reflux are more at risk of migraines or migraines than those who do not have these gastric symptoms. .

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Home remedies for acidity and headache

According to research, if the problems related to digestion are treated timely and properly, then the headache and migraine problem can be prevented from becoming serious. You can also use some home remedies instead of medicine to get rid of gastric head ache problems, such as drinking 1 teaspoon of coriander juice in half a glass of buttermilk can give relief from both headache and acidity. . Chew 8-10 basil leaves, it can also relieve headache and acidity.

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