Women are more at risk of fatal Cardiac Arrest at night, follow these tips to keep the heart healthy

new Delhi: A new study has revealed that sudden cardiac arrest (during night time)Cardiac arrest) And the risk of death due to this is more to women than men. The results of this study have been published in a journal called Heart Rhythm. The study was conducted by the Center for Cardiac Arrest Prevention at the Smidt Heart Institute, Los Angeles, USA, which revealed for the first time that women are more at risk of cardiac arrest than men at night time. is.

Heart stops beating in cardiac arrest

Medical experts are upset about this because most of the patients are resting late in the night when they are having metabolicism, heart rate and blood pressure.Blood pressure) Everything is reduced. Sudden cardiac arrest is a kind of electrical disturbance that occurs in the rhythm of the heart, due to which the heart stops beating. People often get confused by considering cardiac arrest as a heart attack.

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Cardiac arrest is different from heart attack

But heart attack is caused by blockage due to the blockage of cholesterol plaque in the coronary arteries and during heart attack many symptoms are seen in the patient. But the sudden cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and there are no Warning Signs found in it. This is the reason that where most of the patients of heart attack are saved, even 10 percent of the patients of cardiac arrest are not saved. You are surprised that 17 to 41 percent of cases of cardiac arrest occur between 10 am and 6 am.

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Keep your heart healthy like this

– Do not smoke. Smoking is the biggest cause of heart related diseases. Reduce the intake of alcohol too.
– Follow an active lifestyle. Do at least 150 minutes of exercise every week.
– Manage your weight. If you are overweight then the risk of heart disease will also be high, so do weight loss.
– Increase the amount of fiber in your daily diet and eat less things related to saturated fat.
– Include fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables in daily diet.
– Minimize the intake of salt.
– Eat fish at least 2 times a week. Include fish rich in omega-3 fats such as salmon and sardines.

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