Tips for Drinking Water: Learn the right way to drink water and what is the right time

New Delhi: We all know how important it is for the body to drink water, so most doctors and health experts recommend drinking 5-6 glasses of water daily (Drinking Water). However, how much water your body needs depends on how old you are, what environment you live in, how the weather is and how much physical activity you do. Despite this, at least 4 glasses of water daily is necessary for everyone on an average. But just as there is a right way to eat food, one should always sit and eat chewing food in a relaxed manner, in the same way, there are some rules for drinking water too? When should we drink water, how should we drink, how should we drink?

Essential rules for drinking water are stated in Ayurveda

The answers to all these questions are present in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, the way you drink water has an effect on your health. People who have constipation problem, skin dry should drink more water. Ayurveda has described both the right way and time for drinking water.

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What is the right way to drink water?

If you believe in Ayurveda, you should never stand and drink water. Water should always be sitting and drinking comfortably (Sit and drink water). Drinking water while standing can accumulate in the joint of bones, there is a risk of arthritis.
Instead of drinking 1 glass of water in one go, you should sip one by one and drink water slowly (Sip-Sip water). The reason for this is that by drinking too much water at one time, the body is not able to absorb it and most of the water immediately gets out of the body.
– Always drink only plain water placed on the room temperature. If you want, you can also drink lukewarm water but do not drink too much cold water with ice.

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What is the right time to drink water?

Drink 1-2 sips of water after meals, not much. If you drink too much water immediately after eating food, then there will be no room in the stomach for digestion. Always remember that 50 percent fill your stomach with food, 25 percent with water and 25 percent empty space.

– Nowadays, many people put an alarm in the phone to drink water and keep drinking water every 1-2 hours. But Ayurveda says that when you feel thirsty, drink water only when you feel the need for water. Being thirsty means that the body needs water.

– Ayurveda suggests that as soon as you wake up in the morning, make a habit of drinking water on an empty stomach. This is called the incubation. By doing this, harmful toxins are removed from the body, which helps in avoiding diseases.


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