Nutmeg Benefits: From relieving pain to increasing sex drive, nutmeg has many benefits.

New Delhi: Most of the spices in our kitchen (Kitchen spices) Are such that in addition to enhancing the taste of food, it is also beneficial for our health in many ways. From turmeric to celery, fennel to cinnamon, black pepper to cloves – all these spices are full of medicinal properties. In this list, there is another spice that can help us to keep diseases away and that is- Nutmeg. It looks like betel nut and it is used in small amounts by grinding it lightly in vegetable, dessert or tea.

Nutmeg is beneficial for health

Nutmeg of nutmeg is hot and has a mild nutty flavor. In addition to magnesium, copper, vitamin B1, B6, antioxidants are also found. In traditional medicine and Ayurveda, nutmeg has been used to make medicine for thousands of years. How is nutmeg beneficial for our health, learn here.

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1. Nutmeg relieves pain Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory properties due to which it helps to relieve pain in the joints or muscles of bones. Apart from this, nutmeg also helps in relieving the swelling problem, so nutmeg is beneficial for arthritis patients.

2. Relieves insomnia- Consuming nutmeg calms both body and mind, reduces stress and helps to stimulate sleep. According to Ayurveda, people who have insomnia problem, they can drink a glass of hot milk mixed with a pinch of nutmeg powder before going to sleep. By doing this they will get good sleep.

3. Nutmeg for baby- Newborns often have colic, which means abdominal pain and gas problems. By giving nutmeg, children stay away from such problems. Also, for the children to sleep well, a pinch of nutmeg is mixed in the milk of the child. But definitely talk to your doctor about the right amount of nutmeg for the child.

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4. For Brain Health- Nutmeg oil is also used in the treatment of depression and anxiety as it helps to relieve fatigue and stress. Along with this, it helps to relax the nerves of the brain as well. Also, it helps in improving the mood as well.

5. Helpful in increasing sex drive- Several studies have shown that nutmeg has an aphrodisiac quality which helps to increase sex drive. In Unani medicine, nutmeg is used to treat many diseases related to sexual health.

(Note: Always consult a specialist or doctor before taking any remedy. Zee News does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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