Eat 4-5 raisins and a bowl of curd at this time, the benefits will be surprised.

Everybody loves to eat yogurt with food. We consume yogurt in different ways in the form of raita, kadhi and buttermilk. Eating curd increases digestion and maintains the glow of the skin. If raisins are mixed with curd then it is very beneficial. The timing of eating curd and raisins also matters a lot. Therefore, to take full advantage of health, it is necessary to know how and when to consume it.

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Time to eat yogurt
Curd is very good for health, but according to Ayurveda, if it is eaten at the wrong time, it can also have the opposite effect. Let us tell you, in Ayurveda it is said that curd should be avoided at night. After taking yogurt at night, it proves to be harmful to the body in a way.

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When to eat curd and raisins?
The best time to eat curd and raisin is the afternoon or morning breakfast. You can eat yogurt as mid-day meal at around 3-4 in the afternoon. This will also get rid of the post-lunch munching. Also take care that you do not put too much raisins in a bowl of curd. The best is that you eat only 4-5 raisins in a bowl of curd.

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Benefits of eating curd and raisins

Eating curd and raisins leads to the growth of good bacteria in the body. With this, the swelling of the stomach is reduced. Eating both of these makes bones strong. Apart from this, curd and raisins are also very beneficial in controlling increased blood pressure.

1 – for teeth and bones
Calcium is needed to keep teeth and bones strong. In this case, raisins can also be consumed for teeth and bones. Explain that there is about 50 mg of calcium inside 100 grams of raisins. Which works to strengthen your teeth and bones.

2-digression improvement
A home remedy for relief from constipation is the use of soaked raisins. Apart from this, if you eat regular raisins, then you get relief from all the troubles related to the digestive system.

3-wrinkles will be away
Eating raisins increases your lifespan. However, it also removes wrinkles in your skin.

4- Forever will be young
If you always want to stay young, then start drinking raisin water. Boil raisins in water at night and you will always remain young by drinking raisin water in the morning.

5 – Will increase the ability to fight against diseases
Eating soaked raisins at night and drinking its water increases your body’s immunity. Due to the antioxidants present in it, immunity is better, due to which our body is able to fight against external viruses and bacteria and these bacteria are not able to enter the body.

6-Curd-Raisin is beneficial for men
According to a research, yogurt helps in improving the semen quality in men. Apart from this, curd also keeps us away from many diseases. Therefore, men are advised to consume yogurt. While raisins are counted in the category of testosterone boosting foods, it is a hormone that works effectively to overcome men’s sexual problems and to overcome their various physical problems. Due to this quality, it is considered beneficial for men.

Fried things dangerous for our health
Whenever we feel hungry and we eat anything, we do not pay attention to what is healthy or what is unhealthy, this further affects our health. Fried and fried things are dangerous for our health. Eating curd and raisins is considered very good for health. Curd itself is considered very healthy, but when mixed with honey, it becomes very healthy. It acts like an antibiotic.

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