You will forget the benefits of green tea when you drink Blue Tea, it is amazing that this tea made from flowers is wonderful.

You will find many tea lovers in India. There is so much call for tea in India that whenever it gets a chance, it calms down the call of its tea. Everyone has their own preference for tea. Tea has different colors and different tests. Today, in this report, we are going to tell about a different tea which is also beneficial in health and it is very different in view.

You must have heard of many types of tea, such as black tea, green tea, red tea. Have you ever heard about blue tea. It may sound a little strange that blue tea. Oh, you started imagining that blue tea would look like this. We will tell you what the taste of blue tea is and how it will be made. The best thing is that it is so healthy that you will definitely want to drink it. Learn the method of making it and the benefits of it.

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This tea is prepared from flowers
Blue tea is prepared from flowers. This tea is considered very beneficial for diabetes patients. This tea is prepared from Aparajita Flower. This tea is very beneficial for our health. This flower of Aparajita is also known as Shankhapushpi.

How to make BLUE tea
To make it, firstly heat a cup of water in the pan. When the water is lukewarm, add 5 to 6 Aparajita flowers to it. Let it boil well. Now turn off the gas, add a teaspoon of honey to this tea and serve hot.

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Benefits of drinking blue tea
There are many benefits of drinking blue tea. This is especially beneficial for sugar patients. Let’s have a look about its benefits

energy booster
If you start the day with a cup of blue tea, then you will not feel tired throughout the day.

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Reduced weight
You can use this tea in the morning for weight loss. For this, drink a cup of blue tea on an empty stomach in the morning, you will find that your weight is decreasing in a few days. This tea is very beneficial in burning fat.

Detox body
It is very effective in flushing out the toxins present in the body.

Increase eyesight
Drinking this tea can increase eyesight. If children have got glasses, then they should also drink it. Along with this, it also works to reduce fatigue, irritation and swelling of the eyes.

Keeps sugar level under control
Drinking a cup of blue tea keeps your blood sugar level under control, so that you can avoid diabetes.

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Anxiety and depression
The amino acid present in blue tea is very beneficial for health. Depression and anxiety can be reduced with its regular intake. Not only this, it is also very helpful in removing stress.

Beneficial for women
This tea is of great use for women who do not have periods regularly and are troubled by irregular periods. So if you also have this kind of problem, then start drinking it quickly.

Beneficial for hair
Because blue tea contains a lot of antioxidants, it is also very beneficial for our skin and hair.

Diabetics should keep special care of these things during Navratri fast, otherwise it will harm health


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