This simple pranayama will help you fight the corona epidemic, just follow this

New Delhi: The corona epidemic has frightened everyone, but it can be avoided by applying masks and following social distancing. Also, if you do this pranayama, your immune system will be better. It is said that the corona virus affects human lungs. Therefore, if you take care of the mouth and throat, then it can be fought. And the most effective pranayam for this is Kapalbhati…

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Experts say that if Kapalbhati action is done in the opposite sternal posture, then you can clean the langs, throat and nose easily. With this asana, blood flow goes to the direct brain and purification of the brain and lungs takes place. Apart from this, this asana is also good for eyes and stomach. This makes the lungs strong.

Who should not do this posture?
High blood pressure and heart patients should do this pranayama only after the advice of experts. Also, patients with back pain, slip disc and cervical should not do this asana.

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How to do kapalbhati?
First sit down comfortably
Keep your waist straight and close your eyes
Keep your palms on your knees
Breathe out completely
Now breathe in through your nose and leave it fast.
Now pull the navel towards your spine and remove the air from the lungs by applying full force of the stomach.
Do this 20 times in a round.
Keep your eyes closed and focus on every reaction in the body.
After this, if you want, you can do 2 more rounds of Kapalbhati.

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When should one do pranayama?
Kapalbhati is such a pranayama, which you should do without eating anything in the morning. However, experts say that you can do it even after two hours of dinner.

Disclaimer: This article has been written based on general information. Before doing any pranayama, please consult your guru or an expert once.


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