Oxygen Level: Can camphor, clove, celery and eucalyptus oil increase oxygen levels? Know the truth

New Delhi: The speed at which the corona virus across the country (Coronavirus) The number of patients is increasing at the same pace, the demand for Oxygen cylinder and beds in hospitals is also increasing. Meanwhile, a social media post is becoming increasingly viral on the internet, in which the domestic recipe is being told to increase the oxygen level of the body.

Will camphor, cloves, celery increase oxygen levels?

This viral post has also been shared by Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. It is being said in this post that sniffing a few drops of camphor, clove, carrom seeds and eucalyptus oil (Eucalyptus oil) and sniffing out the problem of congestion means increasing the oxygen level in the body. (Oxygen level increase) helps. In the viral post it is written – ‘Make a bundle by mixing some oil of camphor, cloves, celery and eucalyptus oil and keep smelling it throughout the day. By doing this, the oxygen level of the body increases and the problem of congestion is overcome. This type of bundle is also given to tourists in Ladakh when their oxygen level starts decreasing. This is a home remedy.

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There is no report to prove the claims

There is no report to prove such claims (No reports to prove the claim), to say that camphor, cloves, celery and eucalyptus oil increase the level of oxygen in the blood and from the breath. There is relief in the associated problems. However, in case of mild respiratory infections, this therapy can help you feel better (Feel good therapy).

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Opening the closed nose will increase the oxygen level – there is no evidence of this

Camphor is rubbed to reduce itching or pain on the skin, but there is no study that camphor is beneficial in opening closed nose (nasal congestion). Also, a study has also revealed that opening of closed nose increases the level of oxygen in the body, it is not so. Similarly, there is no such study that can claim that clove, celery and eucalyptus oil can help in increasing the oxygen level of the body.

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Consult a doctor before taking any remedy

Overall, to avoid corona or to get cured of corona, many measures like taking decoction, taking steam and adopting Ayurvedic prescriptions are becoming quite viral on social media these days. But do not adopt any remedy without asking your doctor.

(Note: Always consult a specialist or doctor before taking any remedy. Zee News does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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