Corona guidelines for kids: Guidelines issued to protect children from corona virus, parents should keep these things in mind

New Delhi: Due to the second wave of Coronavirus released in the country (Coronavirus second wave), the situation is continuously worsening. More than 3.5 lakh new infected cases are coming out every day, while thousands of people are dying every day due to this disease. But there is another danger that is seen in this second wave of infection – the infection seen in children (Corona Infection in kids). In this second wave of corona virus, a large number of children are also becoming increasingly infected. In view of this, for the first time, the Ministry of Health has issued separate guidelines for children (Covid-19 guidelines for children).

Kovid Guidelines for Corona Infected Children Released

In children who have corona infection but do not show any symptoms of the disease (asymptomatic), no treatment has been suggested for such children. However, they have been told to keep an eye on the possible symptoms (Keep an eye on symptoms). Two documents have been issued by the Ministry of Health, one of which is Revised Guidelines to keep children in home isolation and Pediatric Age Group i.e. Management Protocol for treatment of children.

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Guidelines for mild infection

If the child has mild symptoms of infection such as a sore throat or sore throat and phlegm but there is no respiratory problem.
Keep the child in home isolation
-To avoid lack of water in the body, drink more and more water, give liquid things.
If fever comes, give 10-15 mg Paracetamol.
-Contact a doctor if you see any dangerous symptoms


Moderate ie medium-term infection

– This category includes children whose oxygen level is low (low oxygen level) but the child does not have symptoms of pneumonia.
-Moderate means children with moderate symptoms can be admitted in Kovid Health Center.
During this time, they have to give more liquid things so that dehydration does not occur. Also, avoid overhydration.
Paracetamol for fever and amoxicillin can be given if there is a bacterial infection.
If the oxygen saturation in the child’s body is less than 94%, then oxygen should be given to the child (Provide oxygen).

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Infection serious

– Children at this stage may show severe symptoms such as pneumonia (pneumonia), respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), multi-organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) and septic shock.
– Such children have been advised to be admitted to ICU or HDU immediately. The guideline recommends complete blood count, liver, renal function test and chest x ray of these children.

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