Health: Oxygen level will not allow spinach-beet soup to fall, prepare this way at home

Benefits of Spinch And Beetroot For Health: Today, due to corona, the lives of patients have become life-threatening. Due to infection, the lungs of patients are not getting enough oxygen. With this, his life is being built. The situation is that oxygen cylinders are not being found. So much time goes into all this that many patients lose their breath due to lack of oxygen in time. Some home remedies help us in this crisis, there is so much in the given things of nature that we can also do many treatments at home.

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Treatment is present at home
Oxygen treatment is available in your home. According to experts, the spinach and beet soup corona does not allow oxygen levels to fall in patients. Drinking this provides enough oxygen to the lungs.

Spinach-beet-rich nutrition
According to experts, zinc, vitamin B-12, vitamin-C, calcium, etc. are being given to patients in the treatment of corona in allopaths, all of which are naturally present in spinach and beetroot. Iron and nitrous oxide are also abundant in it.

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Immunity to be strong to fight corona
Nitrous oxide released from iron increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. This provides plenty of oxygen to the lungs. Also, its soup grows red blood cells (RBC) and white blood cells (WBC). The immunity to fight against the corona is strong. RBC is increased by taking spinach-beet soup. Due to getting sufficient oxygen, the working capacity of the lungs increases.

Make soup like this
For this, you need one kilo of spinach and half a kilo of beetroot. Boil both for 10 minutes without adding water to the cooker. In the meantime, sieve the boiled mixture of spinach and beetroot to use as a soup. After this, you can take rock salt and lemon mixed with it. Anyone can drink this soup. People who are not positive can also take it. This will also strengthen immunity.

Disclaimer- The information and information given in this article is based on general information. We do not confirm them. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.

Immunity booster: Just mix these two things in daily tea, it will become an immunity booster drink.


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