Beauty tips: You also need a beautiful face, so do not let your body be deficient in these vitamins.

New Delhi: In today’s era, everyone wants to look beautiful, for this he buys expensive products. If you also want glowing and glowing skin, then you have to focus more on your food. Because there are so many vitamins, if the amount in our body decreases, then the glow of the skin disappears.

This is the reason why skin experts also believe that instead of hiding the facial spots from makeup, the right remedy should be taken after knowing its reasons. In this news, we have given information about vitamins necessary for healthy skin.

1. Vitamin A
Vitamin-A is very important to keep the skin young, because it regenerates skin cells, people who are troubled by dry skin and acne, they should definitely take this vitamin-rich foods. Vitamin A helps in making the skin soft and supple.

These things will give vitamin A
Mango, Watermelon, Carrot, Papaya and Fish

2. Vitamin B Complex

B complex vitamins help to improve the skin. It promotes the production of ceramides and fatty acids, which help improve the skin barrier. Also, reduces the trouble of pigmentation. For those who are worried about oily skin, this vitamin is necessary because it reduces the production of sebum, which makes the oil less visible on the skin.

These things will give vitamin B complex
Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables and Yogurt

3. Vitamin C
Skin experts say that due to lack of vitamin C, red colored rashes appear on the face, after that the face starts to look lifeless and wrinkles occur on the face in a very short time.

These things will give vitamin C
Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli potato, sweet potato

4. Vitamin D
Vitamin D, also called sunshine vitamin, is very important and beneficial for the skin. Due to its lack, pimples and pimples start coming out on the face.

These things will give vitamin D
Eggs, milk, yogurt, mushrooms, cheese, butter, cheese and fish

note- The information given in the news is based on general beliefs. We do not confirm this. Before taking advice on this, please consult the health experts.

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