Women’s Health: There is no pain in this part of women without reason, be careful

Women’s health is quite different from men’s. Similarly pain in the nipples of women (Nipple Pain in Women) common problem of women (Common health problems in women) is. But some reasons behind this can be serious. About which women should take care and if there is more pain and prolonged pain, the doctor should be seen immediately. Let us know what are the causes of pain in the nipples of women. (Nipple Pain Reason) can be.

Symptoms of Nipple Pain in Women
Pain in the nipples of women is itself a symptom of some problem. But, with this the following other symptoms can also be seen. like-

  • bleeding from the nipple
  • lump in breast
  • Change in breast size and color
  • nipple discharge
  • itchy nipples or breasts
  • nipple swelling or redness
  • fever
  • vomiting or nausea, etc.

Apart from this, symptoms such as confusion, fainting, breathing problems, and decreased urination with nipple pain may be associated with a serious problem. (Causes of Nipple Pain in women) point towards. For which you should immediately seek medical help.

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Why do women have nipple pain? (Women’s Nipple Pain Reason)

The following reasons can be behind the pain in the nipple and breast of women. like-

Nipple pain in women: breast cancer
But, nipple pain (Breast Cancer Symptoms) There are not only common reasons behind this. Nipple pain in women can also be due to breast cancer. If there is a lump in the breast and there is pain in the breast or nipple for a long time, then you should see a doctor immediately. Usually breast cancer causes pain in one breast or its nipple.

wrong fitting undergarments
Often, due to wearing clothes of wrong fitting, nipple pain starts in women. Wearing tight and wrong fitting undergarments causes rubbing in the nipples. Due to which they get cut or become dry.

Nipple me Dard ke karan: Infection
Yeast and other fungal infections can occur around the nipples of women due to many reasons like sweating, breastfeeding. Due to which there may be burning and stinging along with pain in the nipple. The tissue around the nipple gets damaged due to the fungus.

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hormonal changes
Estrogen and progesterone hormone levels are unbalanced during periods in women. Due to which the breasts and nipples of women become very sensitive and they start feeling pain. If you have nipple pain for a long time even after periods (Nipple Pain in Hindi) If it is happening, then definitely show it to the doctor.

Causes of Nipple Pain: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, pain starts in the breast and nipple. During pregnancy, the size of the breast of women increases and there is more blood flow in them. Apart from this, breasts and nipples become more sensitive during pregnancy. That’s why there can be pain in the nipples of women. At the same time, cracking in the nipple due to the baby holding and chewing the nipple during breastfeeding. (Crack Nipples or Nipple Sores) comes. Due to this, women can also have pain in the nipple.

The information given here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given for the purpose of education only.

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