Bhopal News In Hindi: Construction of under bridge started at Mahagaur railway gate, RCC block trapped under all three tracks | Construction of under bridge started at Mahagaur railway gate, RCC block trapped under all three tracks

  • The railways had stopped the train, so there was no problem in trapping the RCC block under the line.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 10, 2020, 11:14 PM IST

Ganjbasoda Construction of the approved under-bridge at the Mahagaur railway gate has started. The work of trapping RCC blocks under the three main tracks of the railway line has been completed. The first excavation was done by placing a guard catcher on the track now. Block harvesting was completed in this. Thereafter, block guarding was carried out by placing guard catches in the middle and down line. After the completion of the construction of the block on Wednesday, the work of removing the guard and re-connecting the truck-cut rail line at that place started again. This cleared the way for the underbridge construction from the railway administration.
36 m length width
The width of the railway track near the Mahagaur railway gate is 36 meters. All the three tracks of the railway line have come out between this width. Due to soil here, excavation did not pose much problem for trapping under RCC block rail line. Due to the lock down, it was easy to find blocks for this task. A large number of railway trains are closed due to Corona infection. Due to this, the traffic pressure on trucks is currently low.

Guards were installed to put blocks, now the way for construction of under bridge is cleared
Tracking of RCC blocks in all three tracks has been completed. There were guards to put the blocks. They have also been removed from the trek. This cleared the way for under-bridge construction.
SK Pal, Railway Station Manager Ganjbasauda.

70 trains leaving in 24 hours right now
Bina Bhopal railway section used to have 175 to 180 trains in 24 hours before lock down but currently less than half the number of trains are leaving. According to railway sources these days, 70 trains leave the track in twenty four hours. Due to this, it was easy to get blocks for work on railway tracks. Labor and machines are also working more than before.

Garders removed from trucks
By 2 pm on Wednesday, the guards were removed from the middle and down main line. In their place, part of the line which was cut from the truck along with the sleeper was removed. It was added to the track like Jas. This has now cleared the way for the construction of the under bridge by the railway administration. The contractor is now free to perform the remaining work.

25-25 m CC on both sides
To connect the under bridge to the road on both sides, the contractor has to put the base after digging for about 25 meters. CC road core support is to make hair. This work is half of the city under bridge. If the contractor wishes, he can do this work soon. But given the pace of construction. Hope not soon will be fulfilled.

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