Government extended contract period for 9 sand mines in Hoshangabad, 2 in Mandla and two in Agar-Malwa | Government extended contract period for 9 sand mines in Hoshangabad, 2 in Mandla and two in Agar-Malwa

  • These sand mines will be operated by contracted contractors, auction process has also started

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 10, 2020, 08:26 PM IST

Bhopal. The contracts of 9 sand mines of Hoshangabad district, 2 of Mandla and 2 of Agar-Malwa have been extended under the transfer arrangement. The contract period of these mines was ending on 31 March 2020. In the present circumstances, the State Government has decided to extend the duration of the mines for the availability of sand mineral.

The mines in Hoshangabad district were operated through contractors contracted by Madhya Pradesh State Mineral Corporation. The mines in Mandla and Agar-Malwa districts were operated by contractors under the State Mineral Rules. After the consent of the contractors, the contracts of these mines will be extended for one year from 31 March 2020 till 31 March 2021 or till the arrival of new contractor in the auction process. The government has also started the auction process for these mines. Earlier, the government had decided to keep these mines operational from April 1.

10 percent increase in contracts for auction
The amount of contract money will be recovered from the date the contractor takes possession of the mine. The State Government has directed the Managing Director State Mineral Corporation and the concerned District Collector to increase the sanctioned rate of 10 percent per cubic meter in the sanctioned contract amount in the financial year 2019-20. Also, the contract should be accepted at the maximum rate received in the auction, whichever is higher.

No one bid in e-tender in Agar-Malwa

No contractor has bid in the current e-tender in Agar-Malwa district. Therefore, at the average rate of maximum tender rate available in other districts of Ujjain division here, the amount should be recovered per cubic meter. To increase the time, contract should be done as per the rules of District Collector and Madhya Pradesh State Mineral Department. The quantity of sand mineral accepted for the extended period will be the same, which will be pre-contracted. The annual quantity will be divided proportionally over 9 months (excluding the monsoon period).

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