Indore News in Hindi: Jitu Patwari; Former Minister Jitu Patwari On Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan Viral Audio Clip | MP government dropped at the behest of the Center, Congress will go to Supreme Court after consulting experts, will also appeal to the President: Patwari

  • Congress's charge – On 8 June, the Chief Minister, who came to Indore, spoke about the demolition of the government in the residency Kothi in the discussion with the public representatives of the evening.
  • Patwari said – Silaut sold despite being Health Minister, such a seller will not let him win elections at any cost

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 10, 2020, 07:41 PM IST

Indore. The state of Madhya Pradesh has once again warmed up. Former minister Jeetu Patwari on Wednesday claimed to have an audio clip of the chief minister, saying that the CM himself has told how the government has been demolished. All this has happened at the behest of the Central Government. It is clear how the Tulsi Silva was sold. Till now there were allegations of Congress, but the audio of the Chief Minister has clarified how the Congress Government went. The Congress will now approach the Supreme Court after consulting experts on the matter. Will also appeal to the President.

Lockdown in the process of toppling MP government
Patwari said that the Chief Minister said in his speech that the Prime Minister said to me, Home Minister Amit Shah said, the Government of the country said that the Government of Madhya Pradesh is to be toppled. The Congress party was repeatedly saying that the corona epidemic spread throughout the country in the wake of the fall of MP government. Because the lockdown is delayed. Also, the airport was not locked down even after Rahul Gandhi's advice. Therefore, the country's government is guilty of spreading the epidemic. The Chief Minister has said that if Scindia was not there, Tulsi could not have brought down the government if it had not grown. The Health Minister, who was responsible, was sold. He conspired.

In preparation for going to court in Congress case
Patwari said that the government of MP has been dropped. We are consulting legal experts. We are also ready to take it to court. We will also complain to the President, because it is a criminal act. It is against the constitution. The elected government has been dropped under the conspiracy. He said that the Chief Minister had a meeting with the public representatives of Saver on June 8 in Residency Kothi. He said this thing right there. The Congress said its evidence is with them.

Tulsi will not allow Silvat to win from the evening
Patwari said that Chauhan coming to Indore with Corona after killing Loktrant was the excuse, winning the election is his main objective. Therefore, the election of the evening is to win the Congress party under any circumstances. Tulsi will not allow Silavat to win elections at any cost. Tulsi said that the person in Congress and the organization in BJP contest. While in Congress for 40 years, this person kept on contesting and insulting the organization. We will win one lakh percent of the election in the evening. Patwari warned the police-administration that if you take malicious action against any of our workers, it will suffer. Because you are not a party servant.

Disappointing chief minister's visit
Patwari said that the Chief Minister reached Indore 77 days after the change of power and horse-trading. By then our city had reached number six in Korena, 165 had died and about 4 thousand people had been infected. When CM came here after so many days, we hoped that he would formulate a strategy for Corona. Condolences to the families of the deceased. Apart from Corona, the patients who were upset, the hospitals plundered with them. He died due to lack of treatment, will make a strategy for him and will talk about not having further trouble, but we felt disappointed.

Government raises its hands about Corona
Patwari said how can a Chief Minister be so insensitive how to win only elections. He left here jokingly on death. The people of Indore saw all this, will teach them the same lesson. We requested the Collector that the Congress delegation wanted to meet, but we were not given time. The Chief Minister did not give the opposition time to meet. This is a double and double policy. Even after this, the Congress has decided that in this disease it stands with the administration. The government has left the disease on auto mode. If you have to live, you have to die, if you die, the government has raised its hands, so the Congress government will carry out a public awareness campaign. Will distribute 25 lakh masks from house to house. The way we became number one in cleanliness, now we have to beat Corona to become number one. We will give this message to the public.

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