Indore News in Hindi: Nagin Nagar 29-year-old Man Hangs Himself in Indore | Tried four times, got out wearing a monk's clothes in lockdown, now he gave his life

  • The young man was mentally ill, having tried suicide many times before.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 10, 2020, 06:37 PM IST

Indore. A 29-year-old man living in Nagin Nagar hanged himself to death. According to the aerodrome police, the deceased is Devi Singh Pyarelal. He was mentally ill. I have tried to kill myself three or four times in the past. Married, but no children yet.

According to police, after continuous suicide attempts, the family slept after sleeping him, but on Tuesday he woke up after the family slept. Hanged in the night. It was known in the morning. He went out in lockdown wearing a monk's clothes, then called the family to take my mobile. The family said how far they would come in lockdown. Then he came home and gave away the mobile.

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