Jalandhar News in Hindi: Corona spread in 23 people from a burnt-out Baba in Ratlam, 9 people including 3 quarantines after report of gamblers positive in Jalandhar | Before dying, Baba distributed 23 people infected, infected during burial

  • Baba died of corona in Ratlam on June 4, after which samples of those in contact were taken.
  • 13 positives came out from Nayapura, 2-2 patients from Naharpura and P&T Colony, the total number of positive patients in the district was 85

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 10, 2020, 06:18 PM IST

Ratlam. At 12.30 pm on Tuesday, the report from the Medical College came out as Corona explosion and most 24 cases have turned positive. It has 13 males and 11 females. 17 cases of Ratlam and 7 cases of Javra. The district has a total of 85 positive. Of these, 23 are those who have been infected with Baba.

Among the positives found on Tuesday in Ratlam, 13 people are going to come in contact with Baba, who is sweeping Nayapura. Baba died on June 4 from Korena. Samples of those who came in contact with him were taken. Earlier, the report of a woman found on June 3 and 6 people found on June 8 was also positive. They also came in contact with Baba. So far 23 people who have come in contact with Baba of Nayapura have been infected. Here, two people from P&T Colony have also received positive reports. This is the first time in P&T Colony and Naharpura when two positives have been found here.

29 Baba Quarantine
Tuesday night's report found 24 positives, including 13 from Nayapura. He came in contact with Baba. In this way, out of the 85 infected in the district, so far 23 infected have come out from Nayapura Containment. That is, 27 percent of the patients are from this area only. On Tuesday, the administration quarantined 29 babas as a precautionary measure. At the same time, the administration says that there is a danger from the Babas because they burn the dust, and also give matri things. In such a situation, if even one Baba is infected, there is a great danger. They are currently housed in the Quarantine Center. Samples will be taken on showing symptoms.

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