Ujjain News in Hindi: Temporary godowns constructed for storing wheat are also full | Temporary godowns constructed for storing wheat are also full

  • The government had given a target of 6 lakh quintals, bought 14 lakh quintals, SDM gave the instructions for transport

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 04:01 AM IST

Mahidpur This time everyone is surprised to see the arrival of wheat at the support price. In front of it all the system of governance level is falling short. The regime has stopped buying produce since June 5. Due to which most of the big farmers have been deprived of selling their full produce. Some farmers have not even received messages yet. Looking at the procurement figures, it has doubled to exceed the target set by the government.
Storage of almost all the procurement of the area is complete. In most places thousands of quintal sacks were kept in the open due to lack of transportation. This time, considering the acreage of wheat, the government had set a target of 6 lakh but before the completion of the procurement, about 14 lakh has been purchased. This completed most of the storage. In such a situation, in view of the rainy season, the administration started dumping the produce by electronic weighing according to the instructions of senior officials. Additional arrangements were made in the Mandi campus for Anjana Dharamshala for Bhimakheda Society, Rajput Boarding for Baijnath Society, Dadwadi for Jharda, Chitavad Society but were also filled. On Wednesday, SDM Gaurav Banal inspected the temporary warehouses of the procurement. He also instructed for quick transport of the produce kept in the open.
Farmers deprived of sudden purchase closure
On the night of June 3, the farmers were sent simultaneous messages to all the remaining farmers from selling the produce. After this, tokens were last delivered to vehicles parked in the queue on the night of 5 June. In such a situation, many high-income farmers were deprived of their produce. Those who have neither received the token nor now there is any hope. Chakkaajam was also done by him.

Millions of wheat wet at 11 procurement centers due to rain

Tarana | Crores of wheat became wet due to rain at 11 centers in Tehsil. Societies repeatedly informed their senior officials to Tarana Section Officer Tehsildar and public representatives that it would start raining. Transport should be arranged quickly, but the transport system could not be made. For this reason, wheat worth millions of rupees has been wet in Tarana tehsil at present. Wheat is lying in the open at places like Tarana Marketing Society, Baghera Society, Dilodari, Parsoli, Dabra Rajput, Rupakheri, Chhadavad etc. In Dabra Rajput, wheat has become fully wet due to the rains on June 10. Societies spread tarpaulin from above, but wheat has deteriorated due to running of ground water. Still the transport system is not visible. In the case, Surendra Singh, the manager of the service cooperative organization Dabra, says that for transportation, it is conveyed daily on the website of the institution. Apart from this, senior officers of the district were informed in oral and written form. At present, the wheat is kept in the open.

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