Indore News in Hindi: The nap did not make a drain, rain entered the houses | The nap did not make a drain, rain entered the houses

  • Residents of street number 2 of Kanvan Road in Ward 8 are taking trouble

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 05:58 AM IST

Jhabua Ward No. 8 Kanwan Road, Gully No. 2 of the city is struggling with problems. The rain water entered the houses on Tuesday. The raw road also got burnt with mud. In the past too many times residents have told the city council problem, but till now it has not been resolved. This means that the residents will also have to face trouble.
Due to the heavy rains on Tuesday night, water entered many houses in street number 2. Wardmates told that a drain was dug on Kanvan Road 1 year ago, which is still the same. It was not resolved even after repeated calls to the chairman of the city council, the councilor and the chief municipal officer. Mosquitoes are also thriving due to the drainage. People here will be sick because of the mess. There is a fear of spreading diseases like dengue malaria and chikungunya. Residents quickly resolved the problem.

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