Football League is the first to start, because its turnover is 1.37% of Spain's GDP, it creates 1 lakh 85 thousand jobs. | Football League is the first to start, because its turnover is 1.37% of Spain's GDP, it creates 1 lakh 85 thousand jobs.

  • Three months later in Spain, the domestic league will start against La Liga
  • Spain gets 35 thousand crores from the football industry. Get tax
  • The live telecast of the matches will be on La Liga's Facebook page

Kiara Kolasanti

Jun 11, 2020, 06:11 AM IST

Football is now returning to the field, exiting the virtual world. La Liga, making it to Europe's Top-5 Football League, is making a comeback after three months. This Spanish league was postponed from 11 March. In Spain, all clubs started working to get their players back on the field after being exempted from lockdown on 4 May.

The league was also taking into account the economy as well as the safety of the players. So the players returned to the field in early May. Football became the first game in Spain, with matches starting. Apart from football, there is no talk of any other game coming back.

Football gives the country a tax of 4.1 billion euros

The reason is that the football industry's turnover is 1.37% of Spain's GDP. It produces one lakh 85 thousand jobs. The country gets tax of 4.1 billion euros (about 35 thousand 225 crores) from this industry.

La Liga has gained more than 38 thousand crores rupees
The Spanish Football League (La Liga) is the second largest league in Europe in terms of revenue. It is the second most valuable football league in the world. La Liga had gained 4479 million euros (about Rs 38363 crore) in the previous season.

According to the calculations at the beginning of the lockdown, if the matches of the first and second division were canceled, Spanish football would have lost 678.4 million euros (about 5800 crores). It is expected to lose 549 million euros (Rs 4700 crore) from TV rights, 88 million euros (Rs 754 crore) from subscriptions and 41.4 million euros (Rs 355 crore) from the ticket window.

Now we wait for the match: Gerrard Pick

For this reason all the football leagues in Spain were trying to save. Barcelona defender Gerrard Pique said on the return to the field, “Now we are waiting for the match. The entry of fans is banned. We do not like to play without fans. But we have no choice. '

The basketball-tennis association remained the rule

While football matches are starting in Spain. Everything about the return of other games is in the early stages. The government is still doing research. The Royal Spanish Federation of Tennis has announced the opening of the club. But players must follow the 18-point protocol.

Little time to start basketball

Spain's basketball players are awaiting orders to return to the field. The Spanish Basketball Trainers Association and the Spanish Basketball Medicines Association are working on creating a protocol for withdrawal.

Famous Spanish actor Antonio Benderes says, “I am shocked that the football players are returning to the ground.” The players have started training with the protocol since a month ago. The organizers are taking special care of their safety. But we actors still do not know when to return to the stage. We are uncertain. '

The players of Catalonia's American football team have not returned

Javier Gonzalo, assistant coach of Catalonia's American football team Bedelona Drakes, says, “The players are off the field. They do not even know whether the tournament will start or not. We also cannot start training. Players from many countries come to play here. All returned to their country on the very first day of the lockdown.

We do not even know whether the Liga National di Football Americano will start this year. Whether the players will be able to get on the field or not. Nobody knows what changes will happen after the game is back. So the players too have not returned yet. '

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