Covid-19 patients at risk of developing fatal bacterial infection: Study | Bacterial infection with coronavirus may increase risk, simultaneous exposure of these two to the lungs

  • Queens University researchers from Ireland claim double crisis
  • Patients with Kovid-19 may develop a bacterial infection during treatment or therapy in hospital

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 06:50 AM IST

There is a risk of severe bacterial infection in patients battling coronaviruses. Together these two infections can also kill a patient's life. This claim has been made by researchers at Queens University, Ireland. According to him, Kovid-19 patients may get a bacterial infection while being treated or given treatment in the hospital. This double crisis may arise for patients during treatment.

Both affect each other
Researcher Prof. Joz says that when bacteria and viruses are present in the lungs, they affect each other's ability to damage that part. When bacteria are present in the lungs, the effect of the drugs given during treatment is different on the virus. This can make the condition worse.

Corona's bad effect on good bacteria
According to researchers, when the coronavirus infects the body, the bacteria that benefit the body are severely affected. When these decrease, immunity also decreases. In this case, the scope of infection increases, which makes the disease serious. Professor Jose states that the risk of life increases due to repeated infection of a microorganism in a previously infected patient.

WHO Warns on antibiotics
The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning on bacterial infections. WHO general director Tredros Adhanom says that more antibiotics are being given to patients battling Kovid-19, which needs to be curbed.

If this happens, the bacterial resistance will increase and their effect will reduce after a while. Bacterial resistance was increased in a large number of infection cases as antibiotics were being used more on patients.

Some only need antibiotics
The United Nations Health Agency says that it has been observed that only a few Kovid-19 patients require antibiotics. But it is being given to patients in an unnecessary way, which can become a trend. If a corona patient is showing mild symptoms, then there is no need to give antibiotics therapy or prophylaxis.

Antibiotics demand-supply disturbances
WHO general director Tredros says that it is clearly seen that many countries are being given an overdose of antibiotics. At the same time, these medicines are not available in middle income countries, which is causing the death of people there.

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