This caution is needed in the battle with Karona, the innocent sitting one meter from Papa wearing a mask and wearing globs at Raigad station | The same caution is needed in the battle with Karona, the innocent sitting one meter from Papa wearing a mask and wearing globs at Raigad station

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 09:04 AM IST

new Delhi. Photo is of Raigad railway station of Chhattisgarh. On Wednesday morning, a child sitting at the station caught everyone's attention. While people are not taking the necessary precautions by ignoring the corona infection, this child adopted all the preventive measures. The innocent had put on a mask and wore globs. He was sitting one meter away from his father.

Built a 230-bed Temporary Covid Care Hospital

The photo is of an indoor stadium in Raipur. For treatment with Corona, beds are being made in hospitals, so the stadium is being made a temporary Covid Care Hospital. This hospital has 230 beds. Raipur Smart City is looking into this work.

Young children have a higher risk of infection

The photo is of different areas of Amritsar. People started wearing masks on their own after strictness to protect themselves from corona, but they still do not understand the importance of masks for children. This is the reason why most people do not wear masks to their children when they get out of the house. WHO experts have said that children younger than 10 years are at higher risk of infection than adults.

Water color changes due to intensifying monsoon activities

The photo is of Lonar Lake in Buldhana, Maharashtra. The water of this lake suddenly turned pink on Wednesday. Scientists believe that the color of the water has changed as monsoon activities intensified.

So many locusts that the tree was covered

The photo is of a tree from Bijawar village in Chhatarpur. The tree is completely covered with locusts. On Wednesday, a group of locusts attacked the area. The locust team flew from Bandhwar village to Malgaon, Ganjijjari, Nayagaon, Hatwaha etc. of Bijawar development block on Wednesday morning. The staff and villagers of the already vigilant agriculture department chased them and drove them out of the border.

ICU Ward of Sick and Injured Dynasty Cold-Cold, Cool-Cool

The photo is of a gaushala built for the destitute sick bovine on the Dani road of Lalaniis, just 3-4 km from Barmer city. More than 600 disabled and destitute cow dynasty are being served here. Five coolers have been installed in the cowshed so that they do not get heat.

Somewhere there is light rain

Photo is of Rajsamand of Rajasthan. Several areas of the district received heavy rains on Wednesday and many received heavy rains. During this time, a child of the city enjoyed being soaked in rain. The city received 19 mm of rain till 3 in the afternoon. After the rain, the minimum temperature of the city was 19 degrees and maximum 35 degrees.

Work continues in the rain

The photo is of Ranjit Avenue in Amritsar. The city received heavy rain on Wednesday. During this time, a mechanic car kept on recovering in the midst of rain. Due to the rains, the day temperature dropped and the night temperature increased. During this period, 3.4 mm of rain was recorded. According to the Meteorological Department, the sky will be cloudy in the coming days as well.

Such behavior from passers-by is a crime

The photo is from Alwar in Rajasthan. On Wednesday, some women were protesting at the Malviya Nagar Tirahe here. They have the right to perform but misbehaving with passersby. During the performance, when a passerby tried to break the jam, the women started pulling his bike and dropping it.

Neither social distance, nor mask, 1 positive is all infected

The photo is of the Civil Hospital in Amritsar. On Wednesday, people were seen standing at the Corona Testing Point without any social distancing. Police deployed here also ignored the standards. There were some people in the crowd who hung masks on their throats. In such a situation, if there is a single corona positive in the crowd, then the risk of getting infected will increase.

Paddy has to be planted at an expensive price

Fato is from Naht Khote village in Moga. According to the guidelines of the state government, the work of transplanting of paddy has started in the district on Wednesday. Due to the lockdown, thousands of migrant laborers have migrated, in such a situation farmers have to transplant at expensive prices. The young sons of the farmers have started planting the paddy themselves, being the support of their father for planting paddy.

Pond drying heat

The photo is of Khizrabad village in Yamunanagar district. Due to the scorching heat, the mercury has crossed 40॰. The village's pond is on the verge of drying up due to the heat. On Wednesday, the temperature of the village was 30 degrees.

Monsoon sound, the beat of the villagers intensified

Photo is of Sutlej Darya of Ferozepur. With the onset of monsoon, the heartbeat of the people of the villages along the Sutlej Darya in the district has started intensifying. Since the beginning of June, the people of the villages have started making efforts to protect their crops from the threat of floods. Last year, due to heavy rains in the mountainous areas during the monsoon season, when the gate of Bhakra Dam was opened. 50 thousand acres of paddy crop was ruined by this.

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