Indore News in Hindi: Samples going with water pouches, ambulances sanitizing from toilet water; 95% households in the containment zone do not have toilets | Samples going with water pouches in Indore; Ambulance being washed with public toilet water

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 11:04 AM IST

Indore. Jugaad system is being run in Madhya Pradesh to deal with Corona. In Indore, corona sample gels are being sent instead of ice packs with cold pouches of water. At the same time, 108 ambulances transporting corona positive and suspected patients to hospitals are being washed by the water of the public toilet tank. On the other hand, the police will not allow the people to go out for defecation in the Containment Zone of Sheopur district since the next day, while around 95% of the clocks here do not have pucca toilets.

Don't buy ice pack

In Indore, the Health Department did not buy the gels' ice packs for sample collection for corona examination. Worked for two and a half months from the ice pack found for vaccination. After using as much as there was in stock, we started ordering from health centers. Now, if there is a shortage, then you are working with jugaad.

According to WHO go to sample gelpack

According to WHO After taking a swab sample from the nose and throat, it has to be sealed in a vial. The vial is placed in the container. The container is placed in a plastic bag with a zip lock and placed in a jar. To keep the Corona sample cool, the jars of the jars have to be stored in a thermocol box with ice packs. Whose temperature will be between 2 to 8 degrees.

Ambulance washing with toilet water

In Indore, another negligence has come to light with 108 ambulances transporting Corona's positive and suspected patients to hospitals. When the ambulance arrived at the airport to pick up the people who had recently returned from America, they objected to the dust and dirt in the ambulance. It is then discovered that the ambulance is washed with toilet water instead of sodium hypo chlorite. The health department and NHM say the Jigitsa healthcare company operating the ambulance will be processed.

The photo is near Indore Airport. Here the ambulance is being washed by the water of the public toilet tank.

As per NHM guidelines Ambulance should be washed daily. For this, 1 to 2 percent sodium hypo chlorite solution is to be used. Clean the driver compartment with this solution. This process is to be followed every time after transferring corona suspected or positive patients.

Sheopur: Police does not let out for defecation

Baroda town of Sheepur district in Madhya Pradesh is still a Containment Zone, in such a situation, it is going to bring strange problems. Toilets are not built in about 95% of the houses here. The police administration has brought back from the next day, but has placed a check on going out for defecation. The policemen also sent back to home the people who were going to defecate on Wednesday. This will bring about an argument with the police.

There are 20 families living here. Of these, only the house of infected Mangli Lal and his neighbor Chandu Mahwar have toilets, the houses of other 18 families do not have toilets.

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