Spanish Football League La Liga Start amid Coronavirus with Virtual Fans Barcelona Match La Liga News Updates | La Liga among virtual fans from today: there will be noise of audience from the speakers, there will be a minute of silence in every match for those who die from Corona

  • The first match will be played between Sevilla and Rial Betis from 1.30 pm Indian time
  • Barcelona top the points table with 58 points and Rial Madrid with 56 points

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 12:56 PM IST

Spain's largest league among Coronaviruses, La Liga, is going to resume after two and a half months. Virtual fans will be seen in this tournament without an audience. The recorded voice of the audience from the speakers will be used to create the atmosphere.

The previous league match was played on 11 March between Iber and Rial Sociedad. In this, Socidad won 2–1. The first match at the start of the league again will be between Sevilla and Rial Betis.

Tributes will be paid to those who died from Corona
The Royal Spanish Football Federation and La Liga said on Monday that every match in the league would be paid tribute to those who died of Corona. A minute of silence will be kept for them.

Virtual fans will be seen wearing the color of the home team
La Liga said, “The broadcast of the match will show the presence of spectators in the empty stadium using technology.” Virtual fans will be seen in the color of the home team. When the match is stopped, the entire stadium will be painted in the color of the home team instead of the virtual audience. During this time different messages will also be shown. “However, how this technology will be done, it has not been given information yet.

There were cutouts and dummies in the Chinese League. Robots were placed in place of spectators.

Fans cutouts and dummies were also held during the Chinese League in Taiwan, which started between Corona earlier. The robot has been placed in place of the audience. The cheerleaders are performing in front of them.

Fans encourage players in difficult times
Real Betis coach Joan Ferrar Ruby believes that playing in the empty stadium will not have a good impact on the team. He said, “Fans only encourage players in difficult times, so many times coaches say that we need fans in the stadium.”

5 Barcelona players Corona were found infected

Recently, 5 players and 2 coaches of La Liga club Barcelona were found to be Corona Test positive. However, the club did not name anyone. Lionel Messi also plays from the same club. Barcelona's first match after the league resumes will be against Rial Mallorca on 13 June.

Danish reaches Fans Stadium in Superliga via TV screen

TV screens were installed in the stadium for the presence of fans in Danish Danish Superliga. These include fans watching live matches on the app. His voice is also heard from the speaker in the stadium.

Football league has started in several countries between Corona
Germany has started their football league Bundesliga from 16 May. It is the first major league in Europe starting between Corona. At the same time, the Premier League of England (EPL) is going to start from 17 June. Italy is also starting their league Serie-A from June 20. While football in Russia will start next month. Russia's Premier League is the only football tournament to be held with spectators.

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