Avoid joining crowds in closed places, be cautious about ventilation; Take care of “Four C” to avoid corona | Scientists gave the Four-C formula to avoid infection, to make life easier and safer, then adopt these things from now

  • Avoid crowds in closed spaces, be cautious about ventilation, visit fewer people
  • Talk to someone close and talk for a short time, if you want to talk for a long time, then wear a mask

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 12:58 PM IST

Ronnie Karin Rabin. When the country was under lockdown, many rules were quite clear. Just as necessary people will leave, all non-essential shops will be closed, online delivery will not happen. Now the country is in an era of unlocking, so the problems seem to be increasing. The coming times are going to be full of difficulties in many ways. In such a situation, we have to make a habit of implementing the advice of the government, doctors and scientists, so that life can be easier and safer.

Experts say that at such times, we can avoid infection by adopting 'Four C' formula. Four-C means 'Contact, Confinement, Crowd, Choice'. Through this we can protect not only ourselves but also the society.

  • Contact (Contact)

Now you have to do your work with precautions like applying mask, social distancing and frequent hand washing. Try to take safety measures in the public places you are going. The virus spreads from person to person, but Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend frequent cleaning of surfaces such as tables, light switches, handles, phones.

Muge Sevik, an expert doctor in virology and Infectious Diseases at the University of St Andrews School of Medicine in Scotland, explains that a 15-minute conversation between 2 people within 6 feet is considered a close contact. The closer the conversation is to the longer the risk of infection increases.

  • Confinement

Indoor activities in the closed areas serve to spread the virus. Especially, when the air inside the building cannot go out or the windows are closed. Some experts have raised questions about safety in closed public places such as offices and indoor restaurants.

According to Doctor Sevik, virus droplets can stay longer than expected where the air is stagnant. This will make the surface more contaminated. Fresh air dissolves with the virus. So when you are near good air flow or window, your upper respiratory tract will reduce your exposure to the virus.

The CDC has recently released guidelines for opening business spaces in the US. In this, they are asked to maintain the ventilation system. The CDC has also instructed to take measures to increase the flow of outside air.

  • Crowd (crowd)

The risk is greater in large groups. It does not matter where people have gathered. Congestion means more people, more contacts and more chances of infection. Ultimately, avoiding infection is a game of numbers, where less is more. Barbara Taylor, an expert in Infectious Diseases at the University of Texas Health Science Center, points out that this is a very different way of thinking that most people in the world are not used to.

Taylor says that the number of people at some place matters a lot. You can create an environment where everyone will be 6 feet away. But if 500 people are gathered somewhere, then it will be quite risky compared to the crowd of 30 people.

  • Choice (Choice)

Every person has to decide for himself how risky he is comfortable with. High risk people will want to take more preconceptions for themselves. This group consists of people 65 years and older, people with low immunity, people with lung and kidney disease. Doctor Taylor says that young people and children should also consider the safety of those around them.

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